Tuya Skin Care was founded by Tuyana Baron, an esthetician who has always been inherently passionate about skin care. Originally from Republic of Buryatia, she graduated college in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, and began her career working at several prestigious global beauty brands, where she closely followed the development of powerful formulas to address all types of skin concerns. She later earned her esthetician license and worked with some of the most sought-after skincare experts in the industry to perfect her technique. Today she operates her own skincare studio, where she provides highly customized facial treatments to a loyal client base and expounds her belief that a daily skincare routine is key to ensuring a healthy complexion.

Her passion and philosophy pushed her to create Tuya Skin Care, her proprietary line of high-quality beauty products developed following years of studying skin. Tuyana designs the formulas herself, combining the most powerful ingredients available on the market. Her ultimate goal is to enhance people’s natural beauty with reasonably priced products that deliver visible results.