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When it comes to careers in the beauty industry, Tuyana Baron has had quite an interesting one. The Buryat (Eurasian) native graduated from the University of Saint-Petersburg in Russia…and then became a beauty consultant for several Health Spas and high-end Women’s Boutiques. In this capacity she was able to develop her technique, establish her own style; and bring out the beauty and the best in her clients.

Following this hands-on experience, she worked as an Account Executive for an International Cosmetics Company where she was exposed to a wide variety of beauty products and treatments. 

Following her arrival in the U.S., Tuyana attended the world renowned Aveda Institute, where upon graduation; she received esthetician license and worked with some of the most sought-after skincare experts in the industry to perfect her technique. 

This International experience evolved in to a very personal and unique expertise; one which her clients have come to appreciate as a true gift…a gift she is ready to share with you.


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